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Experience the beach
without any hassle

Find a Bnbdayer, book and enjoy a wonderful day at the beach

Don't know where to go?
Here are some Bnbdayers' services ↓

Sauvage Beach Picnic Experience

Marbella, Churriana

Playa de Calahonda  ·  Playa de San Julián

User photo

Faro Beach Day

San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Meloneras (Playa del Faro)

User photo
Meloneras Beach

Summer Weekends


Playa Las dunas

User photo
Rubén Triviño Juárez

El Campesino

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Playa de Las Canteras (Playa Grande)

User photo
Raffaele Pazzi

Las BarriCarpis

Torrox-Costa, Torrox

Playa Las Dunas  ·  Playa Calaceite  ·  Playa El Peñoncillo  ·  Playa El Morche  ·  Playa Ferrara (Este)

User photo
Ángel García

Sunset Faro Maspalomas

Gran Canaria

Playa Faro Maspalomas

User photo
Meloneras Beach

Maspalomas Life

San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Faro de Maspalomas

User photo
Consuelo Zamora

Playas de Conil

Conil de la Frontera, Conil De La Frontera

Calas de Roche  ·  Cala El Puntalejo  ·  Playa de la Fontanilla  ·  Playa de los Bateles  ·  Fuente del Gallo  ·  Cala del Aceite  ·  Playa El Roqueo

User photo
Marilar Gallego


How Work Bnbdays
To enjoy

I want to go to the beach without any hassle

Sign up at Bnbdays, find the Bnbdayer you like best, choose the day and choose the equipment you want to rent. Finally, book it and you'll find it installed when you arrive. And when you want to leave, the Bnbdayer will take care of collecting the equipment

Undertake now

I want to make some money with Bnbdays

Once registered, become a Bnbdayer, add a service indicating your availability, place and equipment you have available. Set up details and add some photos. When everything is ready, wait to be booked and earn extra income


For friends

  • It is not necessary to agree on an arrival time to prepare and choose the site

  • Everything will be ready when you arrive at the beach

  • There is no need to stay to collect and clean up. The Bnbdayer will take care of it


For families

  • You don't need to load up your car

  • If you live inland, you can go to the beach and back in the same day without having to stay in a hotel

  • It is more economical than using resorts


For trips

  • It's a much more confortable trip

  • You won't have to buy umbrellas or chairs that you won't be able to take home

  • You can choose from a catalogue of beaches


For special occasions

  • Low cost to enjoy the day at its full

  • Excellent experience for birthdays, hen and bachelor parties, retirements, etc.

  • Flexible

Don't miss out our video!

We know that new things can be difficult to understand, so we've prepared a video about Bnbdays for you, to make sure you don't have any doubts

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